A Revolutionary Approach to Biometrics and AI

Scaling an adaptable next-gen cognitive product suite.

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Talent Automation

Artificial Intelligence, Reimagined.

AnonyDoxx deploys advanced AI that incorporates pointed biometric data with background checks to verify individuals on a global scale. The technology is able to seamlessly perform identity, background, and credential verification at new industry standards.

The core biometrics and cognitive technology can be utilized for many different applications.

What is AnonyDoxx?

We deploy solutions that enable a safer, transparent, more secured Decentralized World. Technology has allowed us to integrate the product suite across industries that include Enterprise, DeFi, and the Metaverse while fostering stronger communities in-between.

This technology is applied to our product set and allows for comprehensive and real-time biometric analysis. Our process is designed around global compliance offering additional means of legal recourse for bad actors. Our native token, ADXX, is used as an access point to enter our product suite.

Token Access

Our token provides secure access to a growing number of applications. Using the Token-as-a-Service approach, end users are provided with tiered security keys that unlock the decentralized application.

Fraud Reduction

Real-time identity verification is coupled with a comprehensive deep-dive into the specific human qualities and past. Our process ensures highly accurate, industry leading validity while holding confidential and proprietary information secure.

Streamlined Vetting Process

Utilizing HireVise, employers and hiring managers are able to track their candidates internally without risk of alienating top talent, a common practice on the large recruiting websites. AnonyDoxx offers a comprehensive interview and evaluation suite of products that automate daily tasks. With our technology at the core business operations objectives quickly become attainable. Our secured network provides opportunities to our partners and users.

Audience Engagement

Evaluate the attentiveness and reactions of participants when they view your video or product demonstration. Online education can be enhanced by giving the ability for instructors to determine which students are not engaged.

Quantitative Analysis

Incorporate our automated product line and gain valuable cognitive insight. Our reporting is designed to remove bias from communication and interaction. Evaluate true skills and abilities with comprehensive data and analytics customized to your business.

API Integration

All the solutions under the AnonyDoxx umbrella have the ability to be deployed on a standalone basis, utilizing API integrations into your existing systems. The biometric core is woven into many of our products and is built to be deployed in virtually any environment.


Third Quarter 2021
Phase 1 - Establish Core Backend
  • Platform Development
  • Smart-Contract
  • Establish Core Team Members
  • Social Deployment
  • Organic Growth
  • Web Launch
Fourth Quarter 2021
Phase 2 - Establish Identity
  • Formal Whitepaper Release
  • Tokenomics
  • Identify & Sign Strategic Partnerships
  • Establish LLC with Georgia Secretary of State
  • Begin Vetting for Whitelist
  • Begin Diversely Marketing in Small Increments
First Quarter 2022
Phase 3 - Presale, Establish Brand & Prep for Blockchain
  • Increase Strategic Marketing Initiatives
  • Legal Documentation Review for Disclosures
  • Sprint Build Background & Identity Platform for Blockchain
  • Announcement of Product Lines of Pavi.ai / Hirevise.com
  • Rebanner Websites & Update User Interface
  • Find Appropriate Launchpad & Partnership for PreSale
  • Begin Transition of Pavi & Hirevise for BlockChain Compatibility
  • Partner with Marketing & PR firm to maximize Brand Visibility
  • Continually Grow Revenue Across Platforms
  • Execute PreSale
  • Partner with Strategic Exchange Platforms
Second Quarter 2022
Phase 4 - Accelerate Revenue Growth & Blockchain Development
  • Continuous Sprint-Build of Background & Identity Platform
  • Position Platforms to Launch with Current Partners
  • Evaluate operations to expand business support
  • Increase Global Product Awareness through Strategic Needs-Based Research
  • Develop Product Specific APIs
  • On-boarding Additional Sales & Blockchain Engineering Talent
Third Quarter 2022
Phase 5 - Launch Beta AnonyDoxx Protocol
  • Complete Alpha of Blockchain Layer 2 of ETH Testnet
  • Establish Product API
  • Integrate AnonyDoxx Protocol Into Platforms
  • Explore Blockchain Bridging Opportunities
  • Sprint-Build Platforms on Blockchain
Fourth Quarter 2022
Phase 6 - API Testing Integrations & Accelerate Cross-Platform Revenue
  • Finalize Testing of Blockchain
  • Cross-platform Functional Testing
  • Closed Beta Test With Customer Base
  • Implement & Evaluate Pricing Model for BaaS Products
  • Increase SaaS Revenue & Gain Market-Share
  • Allow Strategic Partners to Beta Test API On Own Environment