A Revolutionary Approach to Biometrics and AI

Next-gen identity verification backed by the coveted $ADXX token.

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Talent Automation

Artificial Intelligence, Reimagined.

AnonyDoxx deploys advanced AI that incorporates pointed biometric data with background checks to verify individuals on a global scale. The technology is able to seamlessly perform identity, background, and credential verification at new industry standards.

The groundbreaking process, termed Vault Verification, can be utilized for many different applications including, but not limited to, KYC identification, employee onboarding, and fraud prevention. Combined with the $ADXX token, holders are able to access a multitude of features such as enhanced protection, known legal recourse, and transactional BUSD distributions.

What is AnonyDoxx?

AnonyDoxx's mission is to make Decentralized Finance a safer place for employers, individuals, and holders by focusing on screening within project recruitment. With our proprietary verification process, the integration between corporate and DeFi communities merges closer in quality and scalability.

The ADXX Vault Verification Protocol is built into our software, allowing verified users to run a one-click comprehensive background check using the blockchain. Additionally, our process creates legal recourse options for $ADXX holders and establishes a new level of security in the industry.

Token Holding

Through our Vault Verification process, you are able to access a growing number of exchanges, while being confident your data is secure. Our partner exchanges also trust the quality of our certification.

Fraud Reduction

By ensuring that the right candidate is present, employers are able to ensure that their confidential and proprietary information is secure while they are engaging with the appropriate individuals to complete the tasks at hand.

Streamlined Vetting Process

Utilizing HireVise, employers and hiring managers are able to track their candidates internally without risk of alienating top talent, a common practice on the large recruiting websites. When coupled with PAVI and the Vault Verification, AnonyDoxx offers the full suite to interview and evaluate candidates to help you find the best candidates for your teams.

Audience Engagement

Evaluate the attentiveness and reactions of participants when they view your video or product demonstration. Online education can be enhanced by giving the ability for instructors to determine which students are not engaged.

Quantitative Interview Results

Incorporating PAVI into your hiring process enables recruiters to select specific questions relative to the open position, coupled with the analysis of the candidates answers which are delivered in a report complete with score after the video interview is completed. This automates evaluations helping recruiters find the best candidates for the position, in record time.

API Integration

All the solutions under the AnonyDoxx umbrella have the ability to be deployed on a standalone basis, utilizing API integrations into your existing systems. The verification process can be used to prevent fraud in any environment you choose.


Third Quarter 2021
Phase 1 - Establish Core Backend
  • Platform Development
  • Smart-Contract
  • Establish Core Team Members
  • Social Deployment
  • Organic Growth
  • Web Launch
Fourth Quarter 2021
Phase 2 - Establish Identity
  • Formal Whitepaper Release
  • Tokenomics
  • Identify Potential Partnerships for Vault Verification
  • Sign Partnership Agreement
  • Establish LLC with Georgia Secretary of State
  • Begin Vetting for Whitelist
  • Begin Diversely Marketing in Small Increments
First Quarter 2022
Phase 3 - Presale, Establish Brand & Prep for Blockchain
  • Increase Strategic Marketing Initiatives
  • Legal Documentation Review for Vault Verification Disclosures
  • Sprint Build Background & Identity Platform on Blockchain
  • Announcement of Product Lines of Pavi.ai / Hirevise.com
  • Rebanner Websites & Update User Interface
  • Find Appropriate Launchpad & Partnership for PreSale
  • Begin Transition of Pavi & Hirevise for BlockChain Compatibility
  • Partner with Marketing & PR firm to maximize Brand Visibility
  • Continually Grow Revenue Across Platforms
  • Execute PreSale
  • Partner with Strategic Exchange Platforms to Maximize Exposure
Second Quarter 2022
Phase 4 - Accelerate Revenue Growth & Blockchain Development
  • Continuous Sprint-Build of Background & Identity Platform
  • Position Platforms to Launch with Current Partners
  • Reposition Capital & Cash Flow to Support Business Needs
  • Increase Global Presence through Strategic Business Development
  • Develop Vault Verification API
  • On-boarding Additional Sales & Blockchain Engineering Talent
Third Quarter 2022
Phase 5 - Launch Beta AnonyDoxx Protocol
  • Complete Alpha of Blockchain Layer 2 of ETH Testnet
  • Establish Vault Verification API
  • Integrate AnonyDoxx Protocol Into Platforms
  • Bridge to Etherium and Solana Blockchains
  • Sprint-Build Platforms on Blockchain
Fourth Quarter 2022
Phase 6 - API Testing Integrations & Accelerate Cross-Platform Revenue
  • Finalize Testing of Blockchain
  • Cross-platform Functional Testing
  • Closed Beta Test With Customer Base
  • Implement Pricing Model for BaaS Vault Verification Protocol
  • Increase SaaS Revenue & Gain Market-Share
  • Allow Strategic Partners to Beta Test API On Own Environment