Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I hold AnonyDoxx?

AnonyDoxx is security. We are providing doxxing through a process called Vault Verification. We identify, verify and certify the human behind the technology including background checks. We then secure sensitive information in our Vault to protect holders from fraudulent activities. As an holder, you may not know who the human is behind the project you’re holding in. That’s what we do. That information we hold secure will be revealed should there be an instance of fraud so that legal recourse can be taken. As an holder, you will get exclusive presale access to verified projects. Developers will have free access to our services in exchange for giving early holders said exclusive access. We want to be the first community-driven token to give back to our community right away!

What’s on the AnonyDoxx Roadmap?

AnonyDoxx is positioned to become the industry standard for security with our Vault Verification process. Our roadmap is complex but we have sprint deadlines and timelines of completion. As we move into next year, we will be building and providing an identity and criminal verification protocol to businesses across the globe. In the 4th quarter of 2021, we have already accomplished our initial phase of web platform development, token smart contract and tokenomics, social deployment, organic growth, determined our core team members, launched our web platform, and created partnerships around Vault Verification projects.

In the first quarter of 2022, we will be increasing our strategic marketing and awareness, deploying our smart-contract on BSC, whitelisting for presale on pinksale, launching on pancake swap, increasing Vault Verified projects to protect holders, and begin building background and identity platforms on blockchain. In addition, we will bridge our token to both the Etherium and Solana networks to further our reach into the crypto market. We will promote the token through paid partnerships, traditional marketing, and SEO techniques.

As we move into the second quarter of 2022, our roadmap includes continuous development of background and identity verification platforms. We’ll be building strategic partnerships, expanding global business operations, securing additional technical development resources, and launching business development initiatives. The AnonyDoxx team has already been in contact with firms that provide capital for new businesses. We intend to pursue those funding opportunities to further our reach, list on new exchanges, and fund our blockchain.

What are the taxes for AnonyDoxx?

Taxes are 6% on purchase and sale. Of that, 2% goes to liquidity, 2% goes to operational/marketing expenses, and 2% goes to BUSD reflections for holders.

What are the specifics of token allocation and fees?

The company wallet will hold 8% or 8,000,000,000 of the tokens. An additional 8% is allocated to the team based on ownership percentage. These tokens will be released to comply with the terms laid out in our vestment program. This includes three equal installments at 3, 6, and 9 months respectively. The tokens will remain in company-controlled and time locked wallets prior to distribution.

What does Vault Verified mean?

AnonyDoxx is a security protocol for DeFi. Vault Verified is our internal process of verifying who an individual claims to be. We identify, vet, and verify the human behind the project. We also identify whether or not they have a criminal record that is fraud related. Following identification, our team certifies the project has been fully doxxed and the human is real and identifiable. We then provide a written verification for holders and project owners. However, the information of these identities is locked in our Vault. The only time AnonyDoxx will release this information is following an event of fraud. At release, this allows holders to take legal recourse. The roadmap offers an insight on our future outlook of providing global companies the opportunity to run a background and criminal assessment on anyone, anywhere and in real-time.

How can I see the Whitepaper?

To see our Whitepaper please click here.

The AnonyDoxx security model is to verify others. But, who verified AnonyDoxx?

We are a fully registered company in the state of Georgia making us subject to US laws, regulations, and (GaaP) accounting principles. Feel free to look us up on the Georgia Secretary of State website. Our operating agreement, vesting program, and statement of assets owned including company wallets are all in the process of being reviewed by a 3rd party attorney who will write an attestation that our statements have been true, accurate, and straightforward. Our team has also been fully Vault Verified. We want to make our holders as comfortable as possible so always feel free to reach out and ask us any questions you may have.

How can I buy AnonyDoxx?

You can learn more about the purchasing process by heading over to the Exchange page.