About Us

Our United States based team has experience across multiple trades and platforms bringing security and DeFi (Decentralized finance) to an ever-growing industry.

At AnonyDoxx, we thrive on releasing industry standard protocols to protect organizations and investors alike. We are passionate about improving the industry with our technology and invite you to meet the team.

Meet the Core Team

Jonah Burglin

Bringing 10+ years experience in commercial banking and finance with some of the largest institutions in the world. Strong understanding of banking operations, regulations, and industry trends. Experience leading and growing revenue focused new business generation teams while implementing and adhering to metric driven environments. US Army Reserves Veteran.

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Jordan Burglin

15+ years experience building teams for enterprise and start-up companies across the globe. International technical team building across various stages of organizational growth. 5X founder, 2X Exits. Experience overseeing US based companies and creating talent strategy and development for hyper-growth organizations in the US, Canada, LATAM and APAC. BA in Economics / Mass Communication.

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Tyler Starck

12+ years in business back-end operations specific to marketing, recruitment and social strategy. Experience managing direct teams with specific revenue growth objectives and assisting in training, documentation and on-boarding for teams of over 100 people. An avid crypto investor with an intent on bringing awareness to the AnonyDoxx product. US Navy Veteran.

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Chris Utesch

Thinker. Connector. Solver. Over 15 years of sales experience, across multiple channels, levels and industries. Over 5 years of marketing experience; digital, traditional and grassroots. Most recently aided a telecom to double in revenue in under 3 years, in an emerging market. Developed and submitted technical grants for $150M+ in projects, in a new industry. BA in Marketing and Operations Management from UNC-Wilmington.

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